منتجات اصلية للسيور اليابانية من مراد ذكى

Industrial Belts

سيور صناعية. سيور للمصانع للمعدات والنظم الصناعية يوفر مراد ذكى كافة انواع سيور المصانع بجودة متميزة حيث اننا المستورد الرئيسي لسيور متسبوشوى اليبانية الاصلية ولدينا الاستعداد للتصدير لدول المنطقة بالضمانات المعتمدة من المصانع الاصلية 
All of our products are original and beware of imitations

Car Belts

Car belts or engine belts are considered one of the important parts of the car because they have a very large and important role in how the mechanical parts of cars operate in different shapes and types of models.

Car belts have many different types, each of them has a special use in a different location and a specific functional nature, so you must know the types of belts in order to be able to understand the nature of their use and benefit from them as much as possible.

سيور Mitsuboshi
All of our products are original and beware of imitations

Agricultural Belts

Agricultural conveyor belts (agricultural machinery belts) are one of the means of transportation inside farms, as they are used to transport fruits and vegetables, transport agricultural products, transport meat and poultry products, bakery packaging, and transport raw materials and finished products within food processing factories.

Murad Zaki is the sole and exclusive agent for Mitsuboshi Japanese belts in Egypt

And beware of imitation and non-original belts, because they expose you to many problems, including machine damage