About Us

We are proud that we are the only importer of original belts Mourad Zaki Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of selling belts in Egypt and the Middle East, where it was established in 1950 to import and export belts and ball bearings. Since Mr. Wael Mourad Zaki took over as Chairman of the Board of Directors, we have become the first company to specialize in conveyor belts of various types and sizes, which occupies a distinguished position in the Egyptian market as one of the first companies to succeed and innovate the fastest growing because we care about the quality of the product against the competitive price in the market and our commitment to serving our customers after The wholesale thanks to a group of engineers and businessmen with experience in the field of belt manufacturing.

We advise you

We always advise you to use the Japanese Mitsuboshi belts because they are one of the finest types of belts.Murad Zaki Company is the sole and exclusive agent for Japanese belts in Egypt.We have a variety of catalogs and all you need from belts and ball bearings,Our motto is to provide the highest quality product at the right price

Our goal

We offer high quality products and services, and we have the ability to cover the local market and prepare for export to countries in the region

Murad Zaki is the sole and exclusive agent for Mitsuboshi Japanese belts in Egypt

And beware of imitation and non-original belts, because they expose you to many problems, including machine damage